Defeat Covid : Tips at your fingertips

By:  Subrat Saraf, Assistant professor, college o–f Hotel Management and Tourism

During the past 12-15 months, the world has been experiencing a very tough time in view of the pandemic owing to the outbreak of Covid-19 disease. The disease has claimed the lives of many of our beloved ones while many have succeeded in the battle. A considerable fall in the number of daily cases is now in trend, but the danger is not yet over. Being responsible citizens, we must take all care to make sure that we and our loved ones in our family do not get victimized to Covid-19. Charity begins from home. Hence, by following certain tips at household level, we can always be at safer side as mentioned below.

Paste atleast one or two posters in your house, that keep all members reminded and aware of the pandemic and help them in being more careful when needed. Keep liquid soaps and sanitizers available at all the hand washing points and sinks in your house, including a foot operated sanitizer at the main door of the house. This can be installed near the key-hang for an inevitable and timely use.

Keep your house and living spaces clean and hygienic. Use a good quality floor cleaner to keep pathogens away. Even a salt mop can prove beneficial.  Pay special attention to sanitize all hand contact surfaces in the house like door handles, taps and the like. It is always advisable to list down and follow. Also ensure to sanitize your gadgets regularly. The use of an air purifying device would do a lot. Also remember to change your clothing and bed covers frequently.

Nevertheless, ensure that each member in the family has good number of masks with them and after its each use while going out for a purpose; it is washed in hot detergent solution and dried before next use. Whenever you get stuff from the market, don’t forget to sanitize it using purposeful sprays. It is best to carry your own bag in the market and fill it with your requirements by yourself. This will discourage multiple touches from unknown people.

Your inner engineering also plays key roles in keeping you safe from external attacks. Hence, also be sure to keep yourself psychologically sound. Do not listen to the pandemic related news for the whole day, just keep yourself updated with news once or twice a day. Have a good daily schedule which includes work, exercise, yoga, meditation, spirituality and sleep. Discard laziness from your life. A lazy physique is more prone to sickness and infections. Get up before the sun rises and take time to enjoy the glory of morning nature.

 Remember that it is physical distancing that is needed. You can still be in touch with your relatives and friends through social media and mobile phone with a responsible use. Being in touch with your loved ones is a great way to boost up your life supporting hormones in the body.

The most important of all, a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Have a planned, timely and nutritional diet for yourself. Include good amount of Vitamins and minerals in your diet, as these two nutrients help your body a lot in fighting against infections. Fruits, vegetables, eggs, herbs like Tulsi, lemon, fibre rich cereals, milk, curd, fluids and water etc are the common inclusions that can give you good energy and a strong immune system. Do not neglect symptoms of sickness. Consult doctor immediately. Stay healthy. Stay safe!


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