As a part of Outdoor Sports Event, College of Aviation Studies, organized an Inter-Class Volleyball Match for BBA (Aviation Management) / BBA (Aviation and Logistics Management) / BBA (Aviation, Travel and Tourism Management) Students. The Match was conducted in order to explore the sportsmanship which was necessary to build confidence and team spirit among the students. The match was held between four teams. 

The Players from Final Year BBA (Aviation Management) were the Winners of the Match  and Second year BBA (Aviation and Logistics Management) players  were the Runners.WinnersTeam was headed by Elvis D’Souza (Captain); and the other players of the team were Sumukh Gowda,  Meghan, Ajith,  Abhilash A Shetty,  Manish,  Afthab,  Karthik Suresh Kanchan and B S Manoj.

The Match was Planned and Organized by Prof.  Shashank B S, Sports Coordinator of College of Aviation Studies.

Prof. Supriya Adiga, Physical Director of Srinivas University, City Campus Pandeshwara, was the Head Referee for the Volleyball Match.

Prof. Pavithra Kumari,  Dean, College of Aviation Studies, Prof. Kavyashri, Course Coordinator BBA Aviation Studies and all other faculties of College of Aviation Studies and Students from Aviation Department Supported the players

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