“SRINIVAS YOGA-SANSKRIT STUDIES AND RESARCH CENTRE” has been declared open today at Srinivas University, Mukka,SUrthkal in the presence of His Holiness Paramapoojya Sri SriSriRaghuvarendraTheerthaSripadaru, Bhimnakatte, BhimsethuMunivrandaMutt,Thirthahalli.

During the introductory Welcome Speech Dr. H. K. Suresh Acharya , Centre Director Cordially Welcomed the Guest and Audience. He briefed about the Centre’s objectives and its relevance in higher education.

Dr. SrinivasVarakedi, Vice Chancellor, KavikulaguruKalidasa University Ramtek, Nagpur, inaugratedthe Centre by lighting the lamp. In his Inaugral speech, he has appreciated the Chancellor of Srinivas University for establishing centre and told the importance of yoga and Sanskrit both of them go hand in hand in Building a healthy humanity and nation.

Dr. B.V.K. Shastri, Chancellor, Yoga – Sanskrutham University, Florida, USA, who has been invited as Chief Guest declared that there is a great demand for scholars in yoga and Sanskrit throughout the globe and so it is our responsibility to produce such products from every higher education  centre to satisfy the demand he greatly appreciated the initiation of such a centre at Srinivas University for which he congratulated  Chancellor and extended its full support.

Poojaneeya Shri BhakhtiVijnanaGoswami, ISKON, Moscow, Russia, Bleesed the Chancellor and wished the centre to grow a greater height in the near future.

ParamaPoojyaSwamijiduring his Ashirvadana Blessed the Chancellor and all the other Faculty who are Responsible in the initiation of the centre and Briefly explained the importance of yoga and Sanskrit for the Development of Humanities in the whole world.

Dr.CA A.Raghavendra Rao, During his Presidential Address Expressed hs concern over the centre and wished all the dignitaries on the dias to the extent their support in building this centre to a higher level. He requested the audience and the public to take maximum benefits from the centre to develop theirself.

Dr.A. Srinivas Rao, Honourable Pro- Chancellor, Smt. A. Vijayalaxmi R Rao, Trustee Member, Srinivas University, Prof. Er. Smt. A. Mitra S. Rao, Trustee Member, Srinivas University, Smt. Padmini Kumar, Trustee Member,  Srinivas University, Dr. P.S Aithal, Vice Chancellor, SrinivasUniverisity were present on the occasion of guest of Honours.

Dr. Anil Kumar, Registrar, Dr. SrinivasMayya, Registrar (Evaluation), Dr. Ajay Kumar, Registrar(Development), Mr. Adithya Kumar, Registrar (academics) and Dr. H.K Suresh Acharya were Present.



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