Successful Total Knee Replacement Surgery at Srinivas Hospital at an Affordable Cost

Successful Total Knee Replacement Surgery at Srinivas Hospital at an Affordable Cost

Mr.N presented to Srinivas medical college with two painful knees and with the difficulty to walk . He was hopeful to find a solution for a problem and pain for which he was suffering from the past 10 years. He was a patient of bilateral severe osteoarthritis of both the knees. After spending lakhs of rupees on medications and massages  and exhausting most of his hard earned money he had come to us with a ray of hope for treatment.


He was admitted at the hospital and careful evaluation was done before the operation and his right Total knee replacement was done on the 6th of August 2021. The next day Mr. N was helped  to walk and was happy to see his right knee deformity corrected and pain relieved. Initially he could walk for about 10meters and now he says in his local language ” yan ise bodanda  onji mile bodanda nadepe”  that is he could walk even a mile now.

Mr. N is very delighted and happy after surgery and is thankful to the team at SIMS and RC . This could only be possible because of the efforts of the two skilled orthopedic surgeons Dr Shashiraj Shetty and Dr Dinesh KVN. Dr Shetty is also the head of the department and trained as a senior replacement surgeon at Mumbai. This success is attributed to the whole team of doctors under General Medicine, Anesthesia, and Physiotherapy. The good nursing care and other medical staff  has contributed towards this success.


As a patient Mr. N is very satisfied  and he was happy that the cost of replacement was an amount  which he could afford and included medicines, consumables, the implant put in his knee and  other hospital expenses. Mr. N wants to come back at the earliest for the other knee and soon he is going to have a pain free pair of knees. The orthopedic department at Srinivas Hospital  looks forward to help many others with knee and other joint problems. The Outpatient department is open from Monday to Saturday from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm.

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