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Pandeshwara: Srinivas University, Mangalore has announced the list of Rank Holders of BCA and MCA Under Graduate and Post Graduate Degree Examinations held during the academic year 2020-21 under the College of Computer Sciences and Information Sciences, City Campus, Pandeshwar, Mangalore.

Ayshath Napiha MCA
Ayshath Safwana D MCA

In Post Graduate degree programme of MCA Ms. Ayshath Safwana D has secured first rank with 9.76 CGPA and awarded with gold Medal. Ms. Ayshath Napiha M has secured second rank with 9.14 CGPA.

Ayshathul Bareera I rank in BCA
Sandhya II rank in BCA
Sarishma iii rank in BCA
Tasreens Banu IV rank

In Under Graduate degree programme of BCA Ms. Ayshthul Barrera has secured first rank with 9.75 CGPA and awarded gold medal. Ms. Sandhya has secured second rank with 9.65 CGPA, Ms Sarishma V has secured third rank with 9.54 CGPA, Ms. Thasreena Banu has secured fourth rank with 9.02 CGPA, Mr Aravinda Sing Rao has secured fifth rank with 8.9 CGPA

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