Oftentimes, the phrase “One-stop shop for all your requirements” is applied loosely while the reality is far from the phrase. However, when it comes to Sportsline, is truly the one-stop shop for all your sports requirements. From stringing of badminton rackets, binding of cricket bats, sports flooring, synthetic court installation, and fitness equipment to customized sports apparel. They have it all and these are just a small list apart from their endless collection of sports items that cater to all the sports. And not to mention when it comes to trophies, their collection is second to none in the region.

Let’s get introduced to the person behind Sportsline Mangalore. Well, the person requires no introduction as his number is saved in every sportsperson’s contact list from over 100 districts in South India and Gulf countries. – SHABEER ALI SPORTSLINE – +91 96205 40640. By the way, the purpose of this article is to know Shabeer, a lil better. Shabeer Ali MM hails from the Kasaragod District of Kerala, He is a graduate in business management from the prestigious St. Aloysius College Mangalore and did his MBA at PA College
Mangalore right after which he moved to Bangalore where he worked for 3 years. Like how it’s inevitable for every South Indian, Shabeer too moved to Dubai and resumed his professional career there for another couple of years.

During all these years, there was something that always stuck with him at the bottom of his heart and that was his sportsman spirit. Right from his childhood, Shabeer himself was a sports star. From being a notable cricketer in Kerala who had played enormous brilliant knocks throughout multiple district-level and state-level tournaments, Shabeer Ali was a familiar name in the cricket circles in South India. Apart from Cricket, Shabeer had represented his school, college, and university in other individual and team sports such as football, handball, and wrestling and won many trophies including University Football Championship, University Handball championship
and Silver Medal holder in State wrestling.

Sports being running in his bloodline, Shabeer decided to quit his well-earning job in Dubai in 2012 to fulfill his passion and set up Sportsline Mangalore, as a branch to Sportsline Kasaragod, which was already set up by his elder brother Nachu Sportsline who is also a well-known Cricket Figure in South India. One of the highlights of the Sportsline outlet is that it caters to all
categories of products in all price ranges starting from economic to mid-range to the most expensive brands. Nevertheless, their main aim has always been to deliver the best quality solutions at the most economic rates.

Often times the players from the outskirts and small towns rely much on the metro cities for their sports accessories. However, the emergence of Sportline has made it so easy and convenient for thousands of such players as all their requirements are just a phone call away and they no longer have to rely on the big cities thus saving a lot of money and time. Generally, a sports shop caters to customers from their locality or at the most from the neighboring districts. But Sportsline on the other hand has a customer base from over 100
districts in South India and also from multiple foreign countries like the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, UK, USA, Australia, Israel, etc.

Apart from Sportsline Mangalore, they have outlets in Kasaragod, Kanhangad, and Kannur. While Kasaragod and Kanhangad outlets are managed by Shabeer’s brother Nachu Sportsline, the Kannur branch runs under the supervision of his older brother Sathar Sportsline.
To add another golden feather to Shabeer Sportsline’s cap, he partnered with his childhood buddies Mohammed Janif and Isthiaq Hussain in 2019 to establish the first manufacturing unit of premium quality sports apparel in South India under the brand name LUDIZ which is one of the leading sports apparel brands in South India. The emergence of Ludiz has brought to an end the
reliance on North Indian manufacturers for premium products in South India. On the contrary, In just a short span of 2 years, Ludiz has conquered the hearts of thousands of sports stars and teams and supplied customized premium sports apparel to hundreds of tournaments across India and worldwide.

With over a decade in his field of business passion, Shabeer Sportsline is still ruling the cricket pitch with his cover drives and pull shots. His active presence on and off the pitch is one of the reasons why Sportsline is efficiently able to cater to the players of the younger generation and their needs. With the trust of thousands of customers worldwide and this utmost passion for sports in his
heart, Shabeer Sportsline continues to prevail.

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