SRINIVAS UNIVERSITY : Invited Guest Talk from Prof. Shwetha Pai on Topic: Soft and Life Skills

On 25.OCT.2021 Prof. Shwetha Pai, an accomplished trainer certified from companies like Bosch and Bajaj, delivered an invited expert training lecture on topic ‘Soft and Life Skills’ for the final year CMC MBA and MCOM Students. The 2-hoursession involved contents like presentation methods, storytelling strategies, personality development and short meditation. The sessions gave an insight to students on details of serving professional lives effectively and also getting confident for campusinterviews and entrepreneurship.

Placement Officer Prof. Varun Shenoy welcomed and thanked the Resource Person for her time and knowledge enlightenment to the students. Special thanks were advanced to the DEAN CMC Prof. Keerthan Raj for arranging the event.





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