Srinivas University announces new Education model based on NEP 2020:

With the mission of transforming society by creating innovators, Srinivas University, Mangalore, announceda new higher education model with enhanced skills and research components to produce outstanding graduates at Bachelor and Master’s Degree Level from academic year 2021-22.  This new model will create employable graduates to industries and innovative entrepreneurs to society and hence is expected to make a breakthrough in higher education system. The Vice-Chancellor of Srinivas University, Mangalore, Dr. P. S. Aithal has announced that SU is planned to offer new model of higher education from next academic year for integrated development of students at Bachelor degree and Masters degree levels with enhanced industry based skills components and Research based innovative knowledge creation components.

 SU Unique Student Excellence Model :

Amidst Corona pandemic, to counter recent hue and cry of Indian Education systems utter failure of creating employable & independent thinking students, Srinivas University is now equipped with Srinivas Integrated student development model with new structure of curriculum consistingoverall 50% Knowledge focus, 25% skills focus, and 25% research focus to unfold the hidden potentialsof the students and to create them as Innovators.

With UG & PG studies opportunities Srinivas University has now completely used its autonomy to create an innovative student centric all-round development model called Student integrated development model consists of four parts called SU Student integrated curricular model with STEAM focus, SU Student integrated support model with 360-degree nurturing, SU student competency-based evaluation model &SU Student enjoyment through teamwork model. Inculcating Core values in line with Indian traditions, affordable fee with bank education loan facility, and super-specialty programmes with optional internship and apprenticeship in association with relevant industries are additional attractions of this model.

Integrated student development framework consists of future industry & society requirement focused education model with specially designed eight components: (1) More credits to accommodate new inventions, (2) STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts& Design, and Mathematics) designed subjects, (3) Embedded ESEP (Employability and Entrepreneurship Skill Enhancement programs) in every semesters, (4) IPR (Intellectual Property Right) awareness for everyone, (5) Enhancing Experimental learning (EL), (6) Integrated Projects, Internship, and Apprenticeships, (7) Compulsory Patent filing or Publication with Copyright for every student through faculty support, and (8) Student networking with co-curricular & extracurricular activities for students enjoyment and immersed campus experience.

Srinivas University also committed to its students to convert them as ideal citizens to the country by embedding its 12 Core-Values that include: (1) Team Work, (2) Self-& MutualRespect, (3)Responsibility, (4) Ethics, (5) Etiquette, (6) Social Service, (7) Communication, Character & Competency, (8) Techno-savvy & Scientific Thinking, (9)Quest for Excellence, (10) Continuous improvement,(11)Promotion of open access software & publications. (12)Continuous,Life-long learning,& contribution.

Srinivas University has developed an innovative service model in higher education to attain service excellence called STAR model with four ingredients: (1) Students: Focus on Values, Knowledge, Skills, Experience, & Innovations, (2) Teachers:Focus on updating the knowledge and new skills, (3) Academics and Governance:Focus on Excellence in Education Service, and (4) Research and Extension: New Knowledge creation through Research Focus.

It is believed that these efforts of creating innovators for present and future industries using autonomy provided through new National Education Policy 2020 with interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, and holistic higher education to offer Samagra Gnana (Comprehensive Knowledge) to every aspirant.


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