Speranza Foundation works with rehabilitation of children and adults with communication difficulties. The foundation conducts various free camps and other programs for awareness on such problems. On 08 August, 2022 Speranza Foundation organised Raksha Bandhan Exhibition in Ather, Kadri, Mangalore. This event showcased various kinds of rakhis and different art items like wall hangings , simple sculptures using mold, lippan art etc made by children with special needs.

Speranza Foundation through Speranza Educational Program trains children with autism, down syndrome, intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities etc. The Exhibition thus also focussed on making these special children sell their own items in order to inculcate the understanding of being independent and learning money concept, billing, socialising with customers and so on.
Overall, the exhibition was successful as there were more than 250 items which were sold.

Also its was encouraging to see people extending their support towards this cause by buying rakhis and souvenirs. This immense support from people inspires Speranza Foundation and the special children to continue hosting such events in future. in this occasion well present Founder Director: Dr Ramandeep Kaur Managing Director: Mr Manish Anand ,

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