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Entrepreneurship is one of the emerging fields in all over the world. In last few decades many entrepreneurs raised their venture and generated huge income by converting their idea into reality. In fact there are opportunities available everywhere in and around the globe. What is actually required is to have the lenses to see and recognize the same. There exist innumerable business opportunities in the environment for unleashing by the entrepreneurs. In the words of ThomasJ.Watson,―Opportunityneverknocksonthedoor.Youhavetoknockonopportunity‘s door and they are all around.

Following are some of the opportunities identified where budding hotel management graduates can start a newventure.


Tourism is a booming industry in India. With the number of domestic and international tourists rising every year, this is one hot sector entrepreneurs must focus on. India with its diverse culture and rich heritage has a lot to offer to foreign tourists. Beaches, hill stations, heritage sites, wildlife and rural life, India has everything tourists are lookingfor.

  1. Social ventures

Many entrepreneurs are taking up social entrepreneurship. Helping the less privileged get into employment and make a viable business is quite a challenge. There are many who have succeeded in setting up social ventures. With a growing young population in rural areas who have the drive and enthusiasm to work, entrepreneurs can focus on this segment.

  1. Franchising

India is well connected with the world. Hence, franchising with leading brands who wants to spread across the country could also offer ample opportunities for young entrepreneurs. With many small towns developing at a fast pace in India, the franchising model is bound to succeed.

  1. Education and Training

There is a good demand for education and online tutorial services. With good facilities at competitive rates, India can attract more students from abroad. Unique teaching methods, educational portals and tools can be used effectively to make the sector useful and interesting.

  1. Food Processing

India’s mainstay is agriculture. Entrepreneurs can explore many options in the food grain cultivation and marketing segments. Inefficient management, lack of infrastructure, proper storage facilities leads to huge losses of food grains and fresh produce in India.

Entrepreneurs can add value with proper management and marketing initiatives. The processed food market opens a great potential for entrepreneurs be it fast food, packaged food or organic food. Fresh fruits and vegetables too have a good demand abroad. A good network of food processing units can help potential exporters build a good business.

  1. Media

The media industry has huge opportunities to offer young entrepreneurs. With the huge growth of this segment, any business in this field will help entrepreneurs reap huge benefits. Television, advertising, print and digital media have seen a boom inbusiness.

  1. Packaging

With China invading the markets with cheap plastic goods and packaging materials, there is a good opportunity to develop good packaging materials to meet domestic and foreign demand. There is a huge demand various sectors like agriculture, automotive, consumer goods, healthcare infrastructure and packaging sectors for plastics.

Apart from above, a budding hotel management entrepreneur can start their own small Food and Beverage outlets, managing the events (Event Management) where they can exhibit vegetable, fruit and ice carving talents, supporting help in Service and food making sections in catering service and online food service agents. There is a huge scope to hotel management entrepreneurs in this national crisis situation to support their family. The opportunities available in entrepreneurship will also showcase the hotel management graduates skill, creativity and brilliance. The hotel management graduates will get necessary support from Government and NGOs.






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