U.S tourists appreciates tulunadu Culture

Around 10 months ago, a video called Memorable Mangalore went viral on the you tube channel of a local person called Shobha Smilemaker. Seeing the video, her 9 American and Jamaican friends with whom she was then doing an international online course insisted on adding Mangalore to their India visit itenary. So it was a pleasure to welcome Kim, Rita, Catherine, Lisa, Bonnie, Mary, Patti, Emma and Maggie at the Mangalore airport. The American ladies were from Italian, Canadian, Scottish, Indonesian and European background too and were amazed at the rich and diverse Indian culture across our country. They had visited Delhi Agra Jaipur Mumbai and made sure to visit Mangalore, before proceeding to Kerala and Goa!

The Pandava Caves was their first sightseeing spot and later the colourful sights and sounds at the festival of the Kadri temple was amazing for them. They had front row seats at the Devi Mahatme Yakshagana performance and experienced a unique display of the song, dance, drama, costume, and discourse capabilities of the multi talented artists. They even watched the performers doing their own make up in the green room! At midnight they were ready to attend another event called Bhoota Kola which is a spirit worship ritual (also made known internationally in the movie Kantara). They even accepted the prasad as blessings from the person who imbibed the spirit of the demi-God called Daiva.

And they were ready on time at 9 am on the next morning to visit the Pilikula Nisargadama. They got a taste of life in rural India at the Artisans village, as they watched potters, basket weavers, blacksmiths, carpenters, oil extractors, rice pounders, etc. at work.They visited a recreated community home called Guthu mane, and looking at the external and internal layout, the wooden carved pillars, doors, furniture, utensils etc, they got a taste of a typical joint family life of the ancient Mangaloreans.

They even indulged in buying typical Indian colourful clothes and visited a famous icecream parlour too. They were stunned at the beauty of the painted interiors of the Alloysious chappel and the sprawling school.They were lucky to be in Mangalore on the day of the famous Kambala bull racing event and even expressed their pleasure to the audience from the stage for their unique experiences in Mangalore.The finale was a bling themed party at Shobha Rao’s place where they shared their gratitude about being able to have their unique experiences in Mangalore!Yes Mangalore has something absolutely different to offer to tourists from around the world. Do visit Memorable Mangalore and keep smiling!

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